How do I make a booking?
Step 1. In the search bar, fill out your departure point, arrival point, travel dates, number of passengers and click search Step 2. Look through the search results and select the best flight for you Step 3. Complete your passenger details and contact information Step 4. Add any travel products for example flexible travel dates or health insurance for visa purposes Step 5. Select your preferred payment method and click "continue" Step 6. That's it! You have now successfully made a booking. Your booking confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided on the passenger details page. If you selected bank transfer or card as your method of payment, please make payment immediately as ticket prices are subject to availability. After we have confirmed receipt of payment during our working hours, your ticket is issued and emailed as an e-ticket to address on the booking. Please remember to make sure that the names of the travelers are correct at the time of booking. If they are incorrect, you may be charged a fee or you could forfeit the entire ticket if your payment has been confirmed and the ticket has been issued.
When is the best time to book a flight?
The best time to book is when you see a ticket price that you can afford. We do recommend that for trips in June, July, August and September, you purchase your flights in either February, March and April to take advantage of even lower prices. This is because some airlines may have plenty of availability and you can take advantage of the cheaper pricing.
How can I know the cheapest flight available?
Our website is designed to arrange the available flights for your selected date from the cheapest available price. You can also select on the show "calendar" option in the search results to see if there are any other cheaper ticket prices available.
How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
You will receive a booking confirmation after you have successfully made a booking. Please note that this is not the same as your electronic ticket (e-ticket) which allows you to board the plane. Once your payment has been confirmed, your ticket will be issued and you will be emailed your e-ticket from Travelstart. Your e-ticket is the final confirmation of your booking that allows you to board the airplane.
What is an E-Ticket? How do I receive my ticket?
An e-ticket is the electronic travel document that you will use to board the flight. Once the e-ticket is issued, your travel information is stored in the airline database. Upon confirmation of payment, your ticket is issued and the e-ticket is sent to the email address that you used when making the booking. The e-ticket must be presented at the airline's counter for you to board the plane.
Can I make a reservation or booking by phone or email?
Yes, we can make your reservation by phone or email. However, you will be required to email us at with the data page on your passport and your travel details. This will enable us to confirm your names, sex, DOB, departure, and return points as well as travel dates.
What happens if I make a booking and do not receive any confirmation?
Sorry about that! This could happen for several reasons such as your internet timed out, your payment did not go through, etc. Before making another booking, kindly contact us for further assistance.
I saw a ticket at a certain amount of money and when I clicked on it, it was a higher amount, what do I do?
Unfortunately, this means that the initial price is no longer available. If the change in fare is noticed after the booking has been made, the price increase might be due to the products you added. If you still need further assistance, please contact us.
What if the price changes after I book but I have not yet received my e-ticket?
In some cases, if you have paid with your card online during our working hours then you have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, because prices are subject to change anytime without notice, we cannot guarantee that price until payment has been confirmed and the e-ticket has been issued.
What is the difference between a non-stop flight, a direct flight, a technical stop and a connecting flight?
The differences are: Non-stop or nonstop flights get you to your destination with no stops along the way. Direct flights will also take you to your destination but in some select cases, there may be a stop in between without you having to leave the airplane and sometimes a transit visa is required. A technical stop also does not require you to leave the airplane as it is commonly used to refuel the aircraft or pick up additional passengers. A connecting flight requires the passengers to change from one plane or airline to another at an intermediate point, called the connecting point, on the way to their destination. Some airlines do not require a transit visa for passengers when changing planes. A transit visa may be required if passengers are changing the airport though.
Can I book a flight with a stopover?
Yes, you can. Just book a multi-city flight on our website. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the right visas for all stopovers.
Can I travel from one destination and return from/to another?
Absolutely, using our multi-city feature on the homepage of both our website. Select all of your departures and return cities and dates, then search and select the best flight for you. If you still need assistance please contact us.
Can I make a reservation for more than 9 passengers in the same booking?
Unfortunately, this is not possible on our website. You can only book for a maximum of 9 passengers on the website. If you would like to book for more than 9 passengers, please send us an email for further assistance.
How do I book an unaccompanied minor?
To get the best fare, you will need our assistance to book a flight for an unaccompanied minor. Please contact us for further assistance.
What is the price difference for children/ minors?
The price difference for children is always airline dependent. As an estimate, one can expect to pay about 25% less than the base fare of an adult priced ticket.
How do I travel with an infant / request a baby basket?
Children under the age of 2 usually do not get their own seat. To request for a baby basket, please contact us for further assistance.
Am I able to use third party loyalty points to make a booking on the Tao Travels Website?
At this time, we are not able to process any bookings paid using loyalty points. Should you wish to use your loyalty points please contact the relevant third party.
Where can I put in my frequent flyer number?
You can add your frequent flyer number directly on the website while you are making your booking. For existing bookings, you can contact us to add it for you.
How can I get a tax invoice for my booking?
If you require a tax invoice, please contact us stating your Tao Travels booking reference and we will forward the invoice to you.
How long after making my booking on the website should it take before I receive a booking confirmation?
You should receive this within one hour of making your booking on the website. If you do not receive this email, it could be that your details were incorrectly recorded. Please contact us for further assistance. Kindly note that the booking confirmation email is not the same as your e-ticket. Your e-ticket is sent to the email address on the booking after we have confirmed payment and your ticket is issued.
How do I add additional baggage to my booking?
To increase your baggage allowance after you have received your e-ticket, you can do this directly on the airline's website by using the airline record locator displayed on your e-ticket. In some cases, as you are making a booking on the website, you may be able to add extra bags. This service depends on the flight and the airline.
How do I request a wheelchair?
Please email us, listing your Tao Travels booking reference and stating your request.
Why do I need to present my credit card for certain flights?
Certain airlines may request to see the credit card that was used to pay for the booking at check-in to avoid possible fraud. Please check with the airline to ensure you won't have any unexpected problems at the check-in/bag drop counter.
I need help with my booking, how can I contact you?
We are always here to help during our working hours. Please contact us for further assistance.
How do I make a reservation for my child or infant?
Using the search bar, after you have entered your departure and arrival point, travel dates you can then specify the number of children and infants flying as well. If you still need help, please contact us.

How do I pay for my booking?
There are three main ways that you can pay for your booking: 1. Paying with your card using Flutterwave 2. Bank transfer to one of our available bank options 3. At our retail outlet with cash or your ATM card
How do I pay Bank Transfer?
When you get to the payment page, select Cash/Bank Transfer and select the Tao Travels bank account that you wish to pay into. Our bank details will be displayed on the booking confirmation page as well as sent to the email address that you used to make the booking. Please make payment as soon as possible as the airline reserves the right to increase the quoted price or cancel the booking without any notice. Once we have confirmed your payment during our working hours, you will receive your e-ticket in a separate email. For payments made after our working hours, your payment and ticket can not be confirmed until the following working day. It is your responsibility to pay within our working hours to ensure that you receive your e-ticket in a timely fashion. Kindly note that payments made on the weekend may experience delays and may not be received by Travelstart until Monday morning.
When do I pay for my booking?
You should pay immediately on the day the booking was made in order to have the quoted price guaranteed. Please note that the airline reserves the right to cancel your flight at any time and without notice if payment has not been confirmed by Tao Travels
Do you offer installement payments?
Unfortunately no, we do not offer installment payments. We must receive your full payment and confirm receipt before your e-ticket is issued.
Is it safe to make the payment online?
Yes, absolutely! Nothing is more important to us than the privacy and integrity of your personal information. Our website is protected with Thawte SGC-enabled SSL Certificates and displays the Secured Seal on secure pages.
Can I pay with two different forms of payment?
If you would like to do this, please contact us for further assistance. Full payment must be received before your ticket is issued and the e-ticket is sent to your mail.
My payment was declined, but I would still like to book?
Oh no! Please contact us for further assistance. Kindly state your Tao Travels booking reference in the email and we will provide you with another alternative payment option.
I paid with my card and the money was taken out of my account but I got a message saying my payment failed, what do I do next?
We are sorry about that. Please contact us for further assistance. Kindly state your Tao travels booking reference in the email to help confirm if we received your payment. If not, we will send you a document authorizing the bank to track the payment and release your funds to your account.
I have purchased a ticket already, but I see the price has lowered. Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, no. Full refunds may not be permitted after your ticket has been issued and e-ticket sent to the email on the booking. You would need to cancel your existing booking first and then purchase a new ticket, accepting any penalties that may be charged for cancellation.
Do I have to pay taxes on my tickets?
Yes, taxes are mandatory. These taxes have already been included in the price you see on the ticket.

When and how will I receive my ticket?
Once we have confirmed receipt of your payment, your e-ticket will be emailed to the email address on the booking. It may take up to six working hours to receive your ticket. If you still haven't received your ticket, you may have entered your details incorrectly so please contact us for further assistance.
Where can I find my airline reference number to check-in?
Your airline reference number can be found in the emailed e-ticket next to the flight details.
Will I receive a ticket from low cost carriers?
This rarely happens. However, some low-cost carriers do not send out tickets but we will email you a booking confirmation which you will use to check-in with instead.

How do I book special baggage, for example sporting equipment?
Airlines do request that special luggage / additional luggage is reported before departure as there may be a fee that will need to be paid at the airport with the respective airline. Kindly contact the airline directly for more information.
How do I make a seat and meal request?
In some cases, you may be able to select your seat/s or meal preferences after you have selected your flight and entered your passenger details. Please note that we are only able to offer this for certain airlines. Should this offer not be available to you, you can do it on the airline's website 24 to 48 hours before your flight when the online check-in opens.
What must I do if I want to bring my pet (cat or dog)?
Please book your pet directly with the airline. We are unfortunately not permitted to handle any pet bookings.

When do I check-in and at which terminal?
The rules vary between airlines, destinations, and cabin classes. Please check your Tao Travels e-ticket for the stated amount of baggage that you are allowed to carry onboard and check-in at the counter. Additional baggage information can also be found on the airline's website.
What am I not allowed to bring onboard?
Airline regulations differ and are constantly changing. For an accurate list of items that are not permissible on board kindly contact the airline.
Will my luggage be checked through even though I have a transfer to my final destination?
If you are travelling with the same airline the entire journey, your luggage is most likely to be checked through to your final destination. However, in some countries such as the United States and South Africa, you may need to re-check your luggage at the first stop in that country. If you travel on two separate tickets to get to your final destination, please find out from the check-in staff about if your luggage will be checked all the way through.
Do I need a Visa?
As visa regulations differ from country to country, please check with the respective Embassy directly. Please note that certain countries will require a visa even if you are only transferring, switching airports or in transit in that country.
How do I find out if there are any health requirements for the country I am travelling to?
As health requirements differ from country to country, please call the respective Embassy or contact your doctor. You can also access the following website for more information:
Do I need to reconfirm my flights with the airline? How do I do it?
It is not necessary to reconfirm your flight if you have received an e-ticket from Tao Travels. Some airlines will allow you to check-in online 24 - 48 hours prior to departure.
Can I easily unsubscribe from your newsletter?
Yes, you can. You will find a link to unsubscribe in the footer of the newsletter, this will stop the newsletter from being sent to you.
How do I take advantage of your Promotions/Sales?
When Tao Travels has a promotion or a sale, the details of which will be displayed on the specific section. All promotions/sales have their own restrictions, which including booking and travel dates, local/international flights, airlines, availability, and more. Don't forget to share the details with a friend!
Is my ticket upgradeable to business class?
This is possible provided the rules of the ticket purchased allows for an upgrade. Please contact us for further assistance.
Is my ticket transferable to another passenger?
No, tickets are not transferable at any time.
Does Tao Travels offer travel and tours as well as packages?
Fortunately, yes we do as well as you get the cheapest flights on our website.
How do I make a reservation when my infant's age changes during a trip?
You can make the reservation as a “child” if the infant is turning two years old during your trip. The same is true for children who are turning 12 during a trip. Please make the reservation as an adult if the child is turning 12 years old during the trip.

Can I get a quote for changes to my booking?
Yes, you can. Please send us an email - stating your Tao Travels booking reference, travel date change options and if you purchased any applicable products such as flexible date change.
What if I booked a ticket with more than one flight and only want to use some of the flights and cancel the other/s?
You may choose to fly on your outbound flight and not use your return flight. However, you cannot use your ticket out of sequence. If you don't check-in for one of your flights, the airline may cancel all the remaining parts of the ticket and may not refund any parts of the ticket not used.
Can I travel with a one-way ticket to any country?
Yes, it is possible to travel on a one-way ticket. However, this depends on your travel document and your destination.
Can I change departure or destination city on my booking/ticket?
No, it is not possible to change departure or destination cities on your booking once your ticket has been issued and your e-ticket has been sent. However, in some cases your ticket may permit re-routing or a date change, please email us to find out what is possible.
Can I change the passenger name on my ticket?
With the exception, most airlines do not accept name changes after the ticket has been issued. It is sometimes possible to correct a few letters on a ticket against a fee if the name is misspelt. If the name on your ticket is misspelt, please contact us immediately to assess whether we can assist. It is easier to make the change if we receive your request on the same day that your ticket was issued. Service charges may apply.
Can I correct the spelling of my name on the ticket?
In some cases, the airline may permit us to correct the passenger name on the ticket for a fee. Name corrections may also be possible if we receive your request early enough before the ticket is issued or on the same day the ticket is issued and you get feedback from us. Service charges may apply.
How do I cancel my booking?
To cancel your booking before you have paid for it, please send us an email stating your Tao Travels booking reference so that we can do so.
How do I cancel my ticket?
To cancel your ticket after you have paid and the e-ticket has been sent to your email, please send us an email stating your Tao Travels booking reference. We will check the ticket rules to see if your ticket is refundable. Please note that not all tickets are refundable with many being only partially refundable. Once we have established the possible refund you are entitled to and you have accepted the amount, we will request it with the airline on your behalf. The refund amount can take between 6 to 8 weeks depending on the airline, and the refund will be made into the bank account that you provide us, less any administrative fees.
The airline is refusing to give me a refund on my ticket, why?
This may be because of the rules applicable to the ticket when it was purchased. If it is a refundable ticket, Travelstart will help you to process the request with the airline. please send us an email stating your Tao Travels booking reference for further assistance. Note that all applicable airline deductions and Tao Travels fees will apply to the refund amount.
If I miss my flight, can I still make changes to my Booking?
This depends on the airline's rules on your ticket. Please contact us stating your Tao Travels booking reference so that we can confirm.
If I can no longer travel, is my ticket refundable?
This depends on the airline's rules on your ticket. Please contact us stating your Tao Travels booking reference so that we can confirm.

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